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Squiggly Neon LED Strip

Squiggly Neon LED Strip

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✨ Perfect for Essential Oils

🌧️ Real Soothing Rain Sounds

💡 Customizable Mood Lighting

The Newest Viral Lighting Trend.

Our Neon LED Strips are the ultimate addition to your room. Rated the #1 lighting package of 2022, our lights are 100% flexible to bend into any design you dream of.  

Upgrade Your Room in an Instant. 

Choose from all of our Color Options

Every Nordic Lights Neon LED Strip comes with a remote, letting you light up your room with different colors in a single click.

Create Endless Shapes and Patterns

Our LED Strips can be cut and flexed to create the perfect design. Each strip comes in at 16.5 Feet in length

Adjustable Brightness 

All of our Neon LED Strips come with adjustable brightness, perfect for setting the mood for any situation. 

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Is it Safe for My Room?

All of our products are 100% safe for indoor use, and use a natural water vapor system.

Does it Change Colors?

Our rain diffuser comes with fully customizable light settings. Easily change the brightness, color, and shade!

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